For maximum enjoyment and safety, please review each of these items BEFORE YOU START YOUR ENGINE:
1. DRAIN PLUG – Is it securely in place?
2. LIFE SAVING DEVICES Is there a Life Preserver for each one on board? All children must wear their Life Preserver. Also, is there a throw cushion or Life ring on board?
3. STEERING SYSTEM Is it working smoothly and properly?
4. FUEL SYSTEM Do you have adequate fuel for the trip? Check for leaks. If you have an Inboard/Outboard Engine turn your blower on to remove excess fumes.
5. BATTERY Is it fully charged? Check all cable terminals to be clean and tight.
6. ENGINE Before starting motor make sure it is on NEUTRAL.
7. CAPACITY PLATE Make sure your boat is not overloaded or overpowered.
8. WEATHER CONDITIONS Is it safe to go out?
9. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Are the lights, horns and pumps working?
10. EMERGENCY GEAR Is your Fire Extinguisher, bailer, paddle, anchors, tool kit, first aid kit, dock and anchor lines in good running condition and is my flare kit expired?
11. TRIP ALWAYS notify someone of your trip. Letting this person know time you leave and time of return; should there be an emergency they can notify the U.S. Coast Guard.